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V-Blox Surge Protection Devices

V-Blox Surge Protection Devices (SPD) provide Surge & Electrical Protection for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. Our residential surge protection device provides whole-house surge protection. Our commercial and industrial surge protection device is the industry leader in total protection. All V-Blox SPDs are UL and MET listed and ABS PDA.

The V-Blox SPDs deliver the lowest clamping voltage in the industry and a response time of less than one nanosecond. They are built with ease of installation and monitoring in mind. The bright green LED indicator on the front will remain on as long as the protection is on. The V-Blox SPDs are available for all service voltages and phase configurations and even works when the power is off.

High energy voltage spikes that are usually associated with lightning strikes or poor power quality.

Transients can strike up to 450,000 times per hour depending on location and equipment.
Internal switching, human error & accidents, welders, office equipment, power supplies, lightning & storms, neighboring businesses just to name a few.

Loss of equipment, major downtime, repair & replacement, injury and environmental impact.

Product Specifications (commercial)

Max Surge Current:
200 kA/phase / 100 kA/mode
Short Circuit Current:
22 kA Unfused
Coordinated Surge & Thermal
Housing Rating:
Type 4X
Green LED
Safety Standards:
UL 1449