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1030™ has been proven to increase A/C and refrigeration system efficiency by 15% on average by optimizing the system in 3 distinct ways.

  1. The first optimization is through the removal of oil-fouling. This removal restores the 20-30% loss in heat transfer capability, allowing for enhanced refrigerant contact with coils. Additionally, the unit is protected from future oil-fouling for the life of the system.
  2. The second optimization causes the refrigerant to evaporate or “boil” at a higher temperature. The cumulative effect of these 2 components working together results in a 73% improvement in heat transfer capability.
  3. The third optimizing benefit is the increase in lubricity and boost in the compressor oil’s performance. The tenacious bond actually keeps the friction reducing properties even when the oil is not present. In addition, there is less wear and tear on the equipment; extending the life of the equipment and lowering maintenance costs.

RESTORE1030™ is not a PROA (polarized refrigerant oil additives). Those “additives” have been re-marketed in various formulas and under different names for the past 25+ years. RESTORE1030™ contains no corrosive or combustible ingredients such as chlorine, sulfur, chloro-wax, solids, or formaldehyde etc. – ingredients that remove the fouling by harsh solvent action.

In contrast, RESTORE1030™ removes oil-fouling in a completely benign manner without introducing any destructive ingredients into treated systems. In fact, over the past 7+ years of performance history, there has never been one registered complaint against RESTORE1030™ from a manufacturer or end-user customer.

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