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Ozone On Demand
Ozone is a form of oxygen (O3) and among the most effective disinfectants known to man. Injected into laundry wash water during each wash cycle, it transforms laundry cleaning into a gentle, non-invasive and completely natural process. Linens are sanitized to levels unachievable using hot water and chlorine bleach. The result is cleaner, whiter, fresher smelling linens and dramatic savings in energy, water, chemicals and time.

Automatic Delivery to each Wash Loaddescribe the image

DeltaWash delivers ozone through a small, compact injection system it installs in your laundry room. Each time your washers call for water, the system uses air and electricity to create ozone and injects it directly into the cold water line leading to your wash machines.

Improved Cleaning, in Cold Water
Because ozone's cleansing power is maximized at low water temperatures, hot water is virtually eliminated from the wash cycle. Ozone diminishes the need for alkaline builder and sour, opening the fabric weave in such a way that fabric softener is no longer required.

Fewer chemicals means fewer rinse cycles, saving water and cutting wash cycle times. Oxygenated linens retain much less water, reducing laundry weight and dry times.

Gentle on Linens
Because caustic detergents have been removed from the laundry process and linens spend less time in the dryer, linens last longer.

Laundry Room Efficiency
Reductions in wash and dry cycle times drive important laundry room efficiencies which result in large labor savings. Time consuming pre-treat and re-wash work is cut way down as well because ozone is such an effective cleaner.

The Ozone on Demand Advantage
DeltaWash is the only Ozone on Demand provider in the United States. We have defined this service class through superior customer support, reliability and the efficacy of our ozone delivery technology. Our ozone delivery service is charged on a per-load basis. You only pay for what you use. DeltaWash customers see immediate savings in excess of 4 times our delivery charge from reductions in energy, water and chemicals, longer-lasting linens and tremendous time savings which translate to enhanced labor productivity.

We deliver a premium service resulting in a better laundry product and a considerably lower cost.

Cleaner, Greener and Leaner. Let DeltaWash transform your laundry operations.